How to Winterize Windows and Doors:  Tips for Barrie Residents

Anyone who has lived through a Canadian winter can attest to the fact that temperatures can plummet very quickly. Not only that, but you may also notice that your energy costs skyrocket during the coldest months. But if you know how to winterize windows and doors, you can lower these costs as well as protect your home from the bitter cold.

The following article contains some helpful tips on winterizing your windows and doors Barrie. If you follow them, your home will feel cozy even on the coldest nights. Moreover, you can save a lot of money on your heating costs.

How to Winterize Windows and Doors in Barrie

These tips on how to winterize windows and doors can improve the energy efficiency of your home during the winter.


Caulking your windows and doors Barrie is an easy fix when it comes to prepping your home for freezing temperatures. It is best to use a polyurethane caulk, as it will not shrink during temperature changes. Besides, it is easy to paint and does not attract dirt and other debris. Caulking your windows will help prevent cold air drafts.

  • Weather Stripping

Weather stripping your windows and doors will add an extra layer of protection during winter. There are a few different types of weather stripping and some are easier to install than others. You can choose from metal, vinyl, open-cell foam, or felt weather stripping. Felt is the easiest to install but is not as effective as the other types. Vinyl weather stripping is durable but takes some skill to install.

  • Insulation

Batt insulation or spray foam insulation can also help prevent cold drafts. If you opt for batt insulation, be sure to apply it lightly. For spray foam insulation, be sure to use the kind that is specifically made for windows and doors so it will work properly.

  • Inspect the Glass

Check the glass panes in your windows and doors. Replace any broken or cracked panes to prevent air leaks and protect your home.

Tips for Winterizing Doors

  • Inspect Your Pet Door

Your pet door might be the last thing you think of when it comes to winterizing your home. However, pet doors can be the source of cold air as well. Upgrade to an all-weather pet door with a weather-tight seal to prevent air drafts.

  • Always Use the Deadbolt

Make sure to always lock the deadbolt, as it helps to strengthen the seal by pulling the door tight. Your home will be secure and less cold if you follow this simple tip.

  • Draft Duard

Adding a draft guard is a sure-fire way to prevent cold air leaks. If you do not have a draft guard handy, an old blanket or towel will do the trick.

  • Door Gaskets

Stop mounted door gaskets are extrusions made out of aluminum that you can mount to the door frame or the stop molding. Unlike rubber gaskets, they can be adjusted to provide a tighter seal.

Tips for Winterizing Windows

  • Make Sure Your Basement Window Wells Are Covered

Cover the window wells in your basement to prevent traps and help keep your home warm. Also, they will prevent moisture and condensation. 

  • Thermal Window Treatments

Drapes that are thermally lined will keep your home warm by preventing air drafts.

  • Cellular Window Shades

If you do not find the idea of thermal drapes all that appealing, cellular shades are more versatile, as they can be custom ordered to fit the windows in any room of your home. They also help prevent cold air from entering your home.

  • Storm Windows

Storm windows are one of the best ways to help heat your home and lower energy costs. If they were not already installed when you purchased your home, they are definitely a wise investment. 

Of course, one of the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home is to purchase new windows and doors. Double or triple-pane windows with inert gases between the panes provide superior insulation and help prevent condensation. Sturdy fiberglass, vinyl, and steel exterior doors are highly insulated and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Need more tips on how to winterize windows and doors? Give Total Home Barrie a call for expert tips as well as a quote for energy-efficient doors and windows this instant. Call us today for advice on how to lower your heating and cooling costs!