How to Install a Patio Door: Barrie Homeowner’s Guide

Are you ready to replace your old patio door? Or perhaps you wish to install a brand-new patio or deck and don’t know how to install a patio door.

Patio doors Barrie are not that difficult to install, if you have the right tools and a little skill. Use the following guide with tips from the experts to get you started.

How to Install a Patio Door

Follow these simple steps for patio door installation!

Step 1: Take Off Existing Interior Trim

Do not simply remove the trim without cutting it or it can damage the wall board. Use a putty or utility knife to carefully work it loose and then use a pry bar to pull it away.

Step 2: Carefully Disassemble the Current Patio Door

The patio door unit is extremely heavy, so it is best to disassemble it as much of it as you can to make it easier. Remove all stops as well as any trim that held the sliding glass panel in place. Do the same for the outside of the trim. 

Step 3: Remove the Fasteners From the Current Patio Door

Next, you want to remove the nails and screws that were used to keep the patio door in place. Look behind the strike plate or under the track of the door. After removing them, tap the patio door unit out of its opening using a hammer, taking care to push it outside the home.

Step 4: Prep the Opening That is Rough for the New Door

With the help of a level, plumb the sides of the opening and make sure that the sill is on right level as well. You can add strips of panel to reduce the size of the opening.

Step 5: Make Sure the Opening is Water Tight

Using foil backed tape, run it about six inches along the sill and up the side jamb. A second strip should be used on the threshold as well as to seal the opening in its entity. Once this has been completed, reapply the sill molding.

Step 6: Place the New Patio Door 

Take beads of silicon sealant(approximately three) and rum them along the door sill. Now  carefully set the new unit into place. Carefully tip it up into position once the bottom has been tightly seated. 

Step 7: Make Sure the New Patio Door is Secure

Nail into the frame studs through the aluminum fin that make up the rough opening using roofing nails. Don’t drive them in all the way as they may need to be readjusted. Check that the unit is level and plumb before installing the shims that will hold the space between the door frame and studs. Drive the screws into place, starting with the latch side. Next, go outside and finish nailing the roofing nails into the holes in the nailing flange.

Before driving any screws into the sill, place a small amount of silicone in those holes to ensure that the patio door is water tight. Finally, screw in the top of the unit and place the active door panel in the frame of the door.

Step 8: Add the Exterior Trim

Leave a small gap that will provide for the wood to expand and shrink due to changes in temperature. Use a foam backer rod to seal the gap by stuffing it into the gap and covering it with a bead of silicone sealant. 

Step 9: Apply the Interior Trim

Remove excess of the shims and use a low expansion spray to fill in any gaps outside the frame. Once this is done, you can add the casings for the interior of the door.

Step 10: Add Any Final Touches

Now you can add items such as the locks or any grills, shades or blinds. Call your local windows company for help on how to install a patio door.