Barrie Homeowners Guide: How to Install a Deadbolt

In this day and age, home security is of utmost concern for any homeowner. One of the best ways to protect your home is to install a sturdy and secure exterior door with a deadbolt lock for added safety. If your door does not come equipped with a deadbolt and you know how to install a deadbolt, you can have added peace of mind against home intrusions.

The following article outlines a step-by-step guide for installing a deadbolt. With the right tools and some basic home repair know-how, you can easily accomplish this task on your own.

How to Install a Deadbolt Lock

This guide will help you install a new deadbolt on your exterior doors Barrie.

Step 1:  How to Bore the New Deadbolt

  1. The first step in how to install a deadbolt is to prep the area by boring the door. Determine the spot on which you wish to place the deadbolt on the outside of the entry door. Ideally, this should be around 6-12 inches above the doorknob.
  2. Make a small mark on the door jamb, interior and exterior of where the deadbolt will be installed.
  3. Use the instructions on the packaging as to where the backset will be placed. Then you will affix the template on the proper place of the entry door.
  4. Using the jig in the kit, onto the edge of the door, drill pilot holes of 2 ⅛ inches for the screws. Secure the jig in place with the provided faceplate screws.
  5. Use a 2 ⅛ inch hole sole to drill a hole in which to affix the deadbolt assembly. Next, drill for the shaft of the deadbolt going from the door’s edge to the center of the previous hole using a 1-inch hole saw.

*For a newly installed entry door, you may have to make a slot on the edge of the door to attach the faceplate. Do so by setting the deadbolt into the hole and tracing the edges of the faceplate with a pencil. Chisel a depth which allows it to lay flush on the door’s edge around the inside of the same line.

  1. Mark the lockset and faceplate using the supplied jig. Affix the jig and use a router bit that has a drill to cut along the grooves. Chisel away any excessive product with a chisel and hammer. 
  2. Making sure that they overlap one another, at the mark made previously, drill 2 holes about 1 inch in depth on the door jamb. These should be at both above and below the center point. As in step 6, use a chisel to remove any excess residue in the hole of the deadbolt
  3. Place the strike component against this hole and mark the holes for the screws. Make pilot holes of ⅛ inch for the screws before chiseling the residual material.

Step 2: Install the Deadbolt

  1. Once you have ensured that everything is aligned correctly, on the edge of the door, slide the deadbolt into the hole. Affix it securely using the screws provided. 
  2. Once you have retracted the deadbolt, affix the thumb turn assembly

*For those deadbolts with a keypad, refer to the instructions provided.

  1. On the inside of the door, attach the mounting plate.
  2. The deadbolt and turn assembly can now be affixed using the provided screws. On a keypad unit, it would be the proper time to install the screws. Ensure that the battery unit and cables are secure inside the deadbolt. 
  3. Finally, install the thumb turn.

If you require further assistance, or would like a quote on energy efficient and secure exterior doors, contact Total Home Barrie.